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Privacy Policy

Do you sell collected data?


Do you use collected data for marketing purposes?


Does the website have ads?


Do you send emails for marketing or sales?


Do you track me or collect data about my browsing habits, etc?


Why don't you have a cookie policy?

A cookie policy is not needed if the only cookies set are required cookies. Two cookies are set, the first is your session ID which is used to store if you are logged in and what's in your cart. The second just stores the currency (which is always set to "USD").

Don't you need a cookie policy for third-party cookies?

This website does not use third-party cookies.

What do you log? What are those logs used for?

IP addresses are logged when you log in, place an order, etc. This data is only used for account security purposes and is not used for any other purpose.

Don't you need to disclaim how you use the information that's collected?

The information you provide is only used for the obvious intent you provided it for. When you add a product to your cart, the data just says you did that, it's not used for anything until you click checkout, in which case it's used to generate the order. Similarly, your address is only used to ship things to you.

What do you use my email address for?

Nearly all emails sent to the email you provide are used to inform you of things you did, such as confirming your account registration, order information, etc. The only email that will be sent that isn't the result of a direct action you took is the shipment notification email which is sent by the shipping partner.

What do you use my physical address for?

Shipping you the things you ordered. Your information is only given to our shipping partner. No one else will be sent this information.

Who is your shipping partner?

Pirate Ship