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Product & Order Status


Here you'll find information on the general status of orders, pre-orders, products, and services. Please note that I currently run this store by myself and this is not my full-time job. I also personally pack and ship all orders, and when you select a pre-assembly option I am the one that assembles it. Currently, only the RetroSix GG Slot header on the GG adapter is machine-assembled, everything else is hand-assembled by me after being ordered. As this is currently just a hobby and this store mostly just exists to support that hobby it can take time to get to assembling/preparing your order. Purchases here go towards supporting my continued work on the projects I'm involved with. Please know I value your support and am trying to the best of my ability to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

StarshadeRETRO does not send out mass email updates or mass emails of any kind. This includes emails regarding the overall status of pre-orders. So you should not expect pre-order status update emails. You will receive an email when you place an order and then the next email you receive will be when the order ships. You can check this page when you want an update on the status of your order. If you prefer to see active notifications/messages regarding pre-order status updates you should join the OSCR Discord and follow the trading-post thread that is for your order's batch number as I will usually post a message there when this page is updated.

This page generally contains the most up-to-date information but if you want information specific to your order you can reach out via email or Discord to ask, though more than likely you will get the same information available on this page. Be sure to include your order number when sending a message or it will delay the response because you'll need to be asked for it. Also, if you private message me on Discord make sure to tell me you did so in a public channel (if unsure where, do it in #general or the relavent trading-post thread) in case Discord filtered your message as spam or I may not see it for weeks or possibly even months if ever. You don't need to include any details in the public message, it can just be, "Hey, just letting you know I sent you a message", or similar -- it's just so I know to look for your message.

Product Status/Priority

Below is a table highlighting the estimated ship date of the most popular products listed on the site. While I do my best to keep this updated it may not reflect the current situation 100% accurately.

Product Status/Information
OSCR PCB-only Kits In stock; medium-priority
OSCR Full Kits: Batch #2
(Cutoff 2024-01-15)
In stock -- preparing for shipment; highest-priority
OSCR Full Kits: Batch #3
Pre-order -- Waiting for the main PCB's revision 6 design to be confirmed before sending it to the fabricator for production OR for stock from assembled batch #2 units to be released.
OSCR Assembled: Batch #2
(Cutoff 2024-01-15)

Due to the almost overlap these orders have been pushed to be fulfilled in batch #3 and the "8-in-1" version will be shipped instead (see batch #3 for details). Note that they may ship without the Game Gear slot, so might still be 7-in-1. This is due to our stock of the RetroSix Game Gear slots running low (see Game Gear adapter section for details). However, adding the Game Gear slot doesn't require any soldering so you can fairly easily add it yourself after purchase as long as you are comfortable with FPC ribbons/connectors (those flat super thin ribbon cables -- see our Game Gear adapter for an example).

Note that while these orders were pushed to batch #3 the stock for your unit from batch #2 (which amounts to what is effectively a full kit) is still being held just in case batch #3 encounters a significant delay. I want to make this clear that the batch #2 stock isn't being pulled out from under you. It will be held until the newer version ships to you, only then will the batch #2 stock be released to fulfill early batch #3 full kits.

The reason for this change is because of two factors that when combined cause it to just make sense. One of the factors is that the new revision has the ability for almost all of the components to be machine-assembled onto the main PCB. This cuts the labor needed to produce a pre-assembled unit significantly. This combined with the second factor of this run overlapping with the shipment of batch #2 makes it make sense to instead wait and ship batch #3 units.

Not only will it cause a minimal delay (especially relative to how long it's been already) but some people later in the queue may actually get their OSCR sooner because of the reduced labor involved. Also, the new revision is better and has more features when assembled using the SMT components. These features include a USB Type-C port, ESD protection, power input noise supression, additional status LEDs, voltage monitoring, and more.

If you are in batch #2 and would prefer not to wait: Use the contact form to send a request for shipment of the original 7-in-1 instead, be sure to include your order number. Doing this will place your order behind batch #2 kits in priority. Note that if you choose this option and the new version comes in before your prebuilt is made or within 1 week of its estimated build date, then the new version will ship instead unless you specifically say in the email that you only want the 7-in-1 version.

If you are in batch #2 and would prefer to make sure a Game Gear slot is included: Use the contact form to make a request, and make sure to include your order number. You will be invoiced $25 for the slot to reserve one. You may still get one even if you don't do this, but doing this will ensure you do.

OSCR Assembled: Batch #3
Pre-order -- Waiting for the main PCB's revision 6 design to be confirmed before sending it to the fabricator for production.
OSCR CIC Modules In stock; medium-priority
OSCR VSELECT Modules In stock; medium-priority
RTC + Clock Generator Modules In stock; medium-priority
GameGear Adapter

In stock (PCB), low stock (slot) -- currently it is undecided if the slots will be restocked; medium-priority

I'm not willing to say why I'm considering not replacing the slots in a manner so public/official at this time. If you are curious you can ask in the OSCR Discord. There are currently about a dozen left in stock.

GameCube Consoles

In stock (main unit); lowest-priority

GameCubes, GameBoy Players, and Pi Picos are in stock, and there is 1 GCVideo in stock, the rest of the parts are not normally stocked and aren't purchased until someone places an order including them. Due to the time it takes, custom console orders have the lowest priority of all the products sold on the site so they will be handled last. However, any parts needed will be ordered right away.

If you need rush processing on a custom console (i.e. because it's a gift) use the contact form. If there is enough of a gap in the queue you might be able to be squeezed in for a fee. Whether this is possible and how much extra it will cost depends on what options you want. Only options that require soldering/extra labor will affect the fee (i.e. an SD card does not), but as all consoles are refurbished/deep cleaned and include a Pico they all have a baseline amount of general labor and soldering required.

Battery Replacement Service In stock; high-priority

Order Priority

When an item is in stock the priority dictates the groping of orders. The highest priority group is handled first, followed by the next priority group. Within each priority group, the orders are generally fulfilled in the order they were received (first in first out [FIFO] -- i.e. oldest orders ship first). This doesn't always happen as built-to-order items (that's anything that requires assembly or customization) are grouped into "runs" (batches) for efficiency. Orders do not ship until all of the ordered products are in stock after which they generally get the priority of their lowest priority item.

So if products A and B are of the same priority and 2 people ordered Product A, then 3 people ordered Product B, and after that, 4 more people ordered Product A, Product A would likely be assembled in a run of 6 and shipped out before Product B. Runs are usually capped at 5 units for OSCR full kits/prebuilts and at 10 units for everything else. Note that services like battery replacement and custom consoles are not grouped into runs.