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Shipping Information

Domestic Shipping (USA)

StarshadeRETRO ships all domestic orders using the United States Postal Service (USPS) using either Ground Advantage or Priority Mail. While USPS states that Ground Advantage is a little slower, in practice they usually take the same amount of time. There is currently no way to choose which of the two to use and the cheapest of the two will always be used. Generally, this means Ground Advantage is the standard shipping method.

On orders under $100, StarshadeRETRO offers $5 flat-rate shipping within the continental USA. Orders totaling $100 or more are eligible to receive free shipping. Please note that when you place an order of $100 or more the $5 flat-rate shipping option still appears. You must select the Free Shipping option to receive free shipping. There is no difference in speed between the two methods as both are using USPS.

Requiring a Signature

Shipments do not normally require a signature for delivery. If you would prefer that your domestic package requires a signature for delivery you can add Shipping Addon - Signature Confirmation to your cart before checking out.

International Shipping (Outside USA)

There are two methods available for international customers. Neither shipping method includes any possible import duty, VAT, broker fees, etc. Customers are responsible for understanding the cost of importing into their own country.

Important: To avoid delays, be sure to include a valid telephone number with your contact information. This is required by most countries' customs. Failure to include a telephone number will result in a shipping delay until one is received as the shipping carrier will not issue a shipping label without one. You should also use your full legal name, as nicknames can result in customs delays or a complete inability to get a package cleared for import.

Affordable International Shipping

StarshadeRETRO proudly offers affordable fully tracked shipping to customers outside of the USA. Although Affordable International Shipping can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered, it is almost always much faster than that, typically being delivered in about 1-2 weeks. The following countries are eligible for Affordable International Shipping:

Affordable International Shipping - Eligible Countries
Australia Estonia Indonesia Netherlands Slovenia
Austria Finland Ireland New Zealand South Korea
Belarus** France Israel Norway Spain
Belgium Georgia Italy Poland Sweden
Brazil Germany Japan Portugal Switzerland
Bulgaria Gibraltar Lebanon Romania Taiwan
Canada Greece Lithuania Russia** Thailand
Colombia Hong Kong Luxembourg Saudi Arabia Turkey
Croatia Hungary Malaysia Serbia United Arab Emirates
Czech Republic Iceland Malta Singapore United Kingdom
Denmark India Mexico* Slovakia Vietnam

Affordable International Shipping Cost

The cost of Affordable International Shipping depends on the weight. The following table breaks down the price of shipping based on weight -- weights listed are up to, not over. Orders that weigh over 4 lbs (~1.8 kg) are not eligible for Affordable International Shipping.

Weight Cost
0.5 lb (~0.22 kg) $15
1 lb (~0.45 kg) $20
2 lb (~0.9 kg) $25
3 lb (~1.36 kg) $32
4 lb (~1.8 kg) $40

International Shipping via USPS or UPS

StarshadeRETRO also offers international shipping via USPS or UPS. If you would like to require a signature for delivery you must use UPS. Due to the extremely varied nature of shipping costs using these carriers, you will need to send us an email to request a quote for shipping. Make sure to include a list of the things you wish to order as well as your address. Be warned, this is generally very expensive, sometimes starting around $40 just for a small package.