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OSCR Game Gear Adapter
OSCR Game Gear Adapter 

OSCR Game Gear Adapter

  • Brand: StarshadeRETRO
  • Product Code: OSCR-ADPTR-GG
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Get the OSCR Game Gear adapter for dumping Game Gear cartridges with the OSCR! May work with other devices, only tested with the OSCR.

Notice: This adapter requires an SMS slot! The six-slot adapter for HW5 has an SMS slot but HW3 (including Save The Hero's HW3-ALTER) does not have an SMS slot. You should be able to use an adapter to turn another slot into an SMS slot and then use that SMS slot with this adapter.

  • High-quality 4-layer PCB.
    • Note: This is a 1.6mm PCB. The SMS cartridge PCBs ranged from 1.4 mm to 1.65 mm. Because the adapter isn't supported by a housing I elected to go with a 1.6mm thickness so that the adapter would not be loose in the slot and wobble when inserting/removing Game Gear cartridges. With a 1.6mm thickness, you can freely insert and remove cartridges without having to worry about pulling the adapter out. So if you notice it has a tight fit, this is normal/intentional.
  • ENIG (gold plated) finish.
  • Hard gold fingers to increase durability.
  • Chamfered and beveled edges to reduce wear on the slot. Also helps with alignment when inserting the adapter into the slot.
  • Revision Changelog:
    • Revision 1 (Clearance -- will not be restocked):
      • NOT compatible with the RetroSix slot. The included ribbon header PCB is too tall and blocks the adapter from being inserted.
      • The mounting holes are slightly misaligned but still usable. You can either omit the screws or, after inserting the pins of the slot into their holes, fasten the slot down before soldering them.
      • Original revision -- was never shipped to any customers (not including anyone who specifically orders it now) due to the above mentioned flaws.
    • Revision 2 (Unavailable):
      • Fixed mounting hole alignment.
      • This revision was never produced or shared on the git repository.
    • Revision 3 (Latest):
      • Added a ribbon cable header (made by GCT) for the RetroSix GG Slot. All Rev3+ PCBs ordered from StarshadeRETRO include the cable header pre-soldered to the PCB regardless of whether you select to include a slot or not.
      • This PCB is machine-assembled in China. A slot, if selected, will be installed in the USA.
  • All PCB revisions are manufactured in China.
  • Note: You cannot use this to play GG games on the SMS as the SMS hardware doesn't support the additional color depth of the GG. A few (single-digit) games do work because they weren't changed for the SMS and the ROM is identical to the SMS version (as you can play SMS games on the GG using the appropriate adapter), but most games will not work.

No slot is included unless you select the option! The slot, when selected, is made by RetroSix. When selected, it will come preinstalled on the board. PCBs sold with a preinstalled slot are tested before shipping. If you do not want it preinstalled on the board, add a note stating so when placing your order. The packaging and unnecessary PCB for the ribbon cable are not normally included, however, if you want them you can have them at no additional cost (for domestic orders -- international orders may have additional costs) -- just add a note to your order or contact us ASAP after ordering (if international, contact BEFORE ordering).

If you don't select a slot, one will not be included. Soldering is (as of v3) only required if you are using an OEM slot taken from a Game Gear (or similar slot). The RetroSix slot can now be used without any soldering thanks to having the ribbon header on the PCB.

Soldering Difficulting Rating: 1/5
(It's actually significantly harder to remove the slot from a Game Gear than it is to solder it onto the adapter.)

Legal Disclaimers

  • StarshadeRETRO is not endorsed by Sanni (creator of the OSCR). This website is not under the control of Sanni. You should not contact Sanni with issues related to StarshadeRETRO.
  • SEGA, Master System, and Game Gear are registered trademarks of SEGA GAMES CO., LTD. StarshadeRETRO is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by SEGA. The use of their marks is to demonstrate compatibility and is not meant as an endorsement.

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