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[PRE-ORDER] OSCR HW5 DIY Complete Kit  [PRE-ORDER] OSCR HW5 DIY Complete Kit 


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  • Product Code: OSCR-HW5-KIT-FULL
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This is a complete kit with all the parts needed to assemble your own OSCR HW5. Soldering is required. The required tools are not included.

Important: The pictures are for display purposes only and specific brands/parts that are shown in the pictures are not guaranteed unless explicitly stated in the description below. Any manufacturer or part number not specified below is subject to substitution based on availability. Part substitutions are always done with parts of an equal or better quality.

This kit includes:

  • PCBs
    • Mainboard
    • Six-slot adapter
    • CIC module (always preassembled)
  • Cartridge slots compatible with:
    • GBA/GBC/GB (SMT)
    • NES
    • Famicom
    • SNES/Super Famicom
    • N64
    • Genesis/Mega Drive
    • Sega Master System.
  • ATmega2560
  • MKS MINI12864 V3 LCD or equivalent (or better).
  • Pre-shortened ribbon cables for the LCD.
  • SI5351 clock generator.
  • Male & female pin headers.
  • LCD panel headers/connectors.
  • Required screws, washers, and spacers (including a few spare in case you lose some or we miscounted).
  • N64-compatible controller port with lead and connector.
  • 2 slide switches.
    • Note: Only 1 slide switch is included if you select the automatic voltage option.
  • All components are obtained from the most reputable supplier available/reasonable to use. The exact supplier varies based on whether the components were installed at the fab in China or in the USA.
  • The following components are included with each kit:
    • 1K ohm resistor for controller port, Vishay PR01 series. Obtained from DigiKey.
    • 470 uF primary capacitor, Nichicon PLS series. Obtained from DigiKey or LCSC.
    • 100 uF secondary capacitor, Nichicon RR7 series. Obtained from DigiKey.
      • Preinstalled on the CIC module instead of a 100nF capacitor; see our CIC module for an example.
    • CIC chip, Microchip Technology PIC12F629, 8-SOIC (SMT); this will already be soldered onto the CIC module. The PIC12F629 on CIC modules is obtained directly from Microchip.
  • When automatic voltage is selected (when pre-installed along with RTC these now come from LCSC; otherwise DigiKey):
    • Source selector, Texas Instruments TPS2113, 8-TSSOP (SMT) or 8-SON (only if SMT pre-assembly is selected).
    • 3x 0.1uF ceramic capacitors, TDK C series, 0402 SMT.
      • Note: Only 2 need to be installed. The extra one is not included if you choose assembly for automatic voltage or all SMT components.
    • 2x 10uF ceramic capacitors, Samsung CL series, 0402 SMT.
      • Note: Only 1 needs to be installed. The extra one is not included if you choose assembly for automatic voltage or all SMT components.
    • 2x 560-ohm film resistors, YAGEO RC_L series, 0402 SMT.
      • Note: Only 1 needs to be installed. The extra one is not included if you choose assembly for automatic voltage or all SMT components.
    • Warning: 0402 components are extremely difficult to install as they are smaller than a grain of rice (see here). If you have never soldered SMT components before, it is strongly recommended to include assembly of the above automatic voltage components. You will not be refunded if you lose or damage any of the components!
  • Rubber feet
  • 3D-printed frame with LCD inserts pre-installed.

Why is automatic voltage selection optional if this is a complete kit? Because automatic voltage selection is not recommended if you wish to use the OSCR to flash ICs. If you don't know what this means, it probably doesn't apply to you.

Soldering Difficulting Rating: 4/5 without any preassembly; 2.5/5 with Vselect preassembly; and 1.5/5 with full SMT assembly.

It is strongly recommended you have a good soldering iron, solder (leaded solder is easiest), flux, flush cutters, and a multimeter. (And no, the flux in the solder doesn't count!)

Legal Disclaimers

  • StarshadeRETRO is not endorsed by Sanni (creator of the OSCR). This website is not under the control of Sanni. You should not contact Sanni with issues related to StarshadeRETRO.
  • SEGA, Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear are registered trademarks of SEGA GAMES CO., LTD.
  • NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and N64 are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.
  • StarshadeRETRO is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by SEGA or Nintendo. The use of their marks is to demonstrate compatibility and is not meant as an endorsement.

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