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OSCR HW5 PCB Kit - Past Revisions

OSCR HW5 PCB Kit - Past Revisions

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Don't care about a feature/change in a newer HW5 revision and want to save a little money? Order a past revision and save some money plus help us clear out old stock!

Contains the following bare PCBs needed to build your own HW5:

  • Main PCB
    • Revision 5 (Latest, for comparison)
      • Added RTC (real-time clock).
      • Removed the LCD solder jumper and the test pads that are no longer needed.
      • Improved the silkscreen.
    • Revision 4
      • Added VSelect (automatic voltage selection) to the main PCB.
        • If you get an earlier revision you can add VSelect by using the VSelect module PCB (see below).
      • Updated logo text to include a new logo.
    • Revision 3
      • Added the test pads (these are the ones that were later removed in Rev 5)
    • Revision 2 (Unavailable)
      • Moved switches to the right side of the PCB
    • Revision  1 (Unavailable)
      • Initial revision.
  • Six-Slot Adapter PCB
    • Will be revision 2 or newer, changes to this PCB have not been significant so selection is unavailable.
    • Here are the changes, if you are still curious:
      • Revision 4 (Latest, for comparison)
        • Updated silkscreen
        • Added +12V rail for N64 (not yet supported by HW5)
      • Revision 3
        • Changed N64 controller adapter pitch. This was a minor change and didn't affect the usability of the controller adapter.
        • Added JLCPCB's text for specifying order number location. (This was added later, so more of a "Rev 3.1", though still labeled Rev 3)
      • Revision 2
        • Fixed an error in the CIC circuit that was causing it not to work. This was a breaking fix.
      • Revision 1 (Unavailable)
        • Initial revision.
        • Unavailable because the error on it is significant. Do not use the Rev 1 six-slot adapter.
  • CIC Chip PCB
    • These have never undergone a revision, so the one you get will be the latest.
  • (Optional) VSelect Module
    • When getting a PCB it can be Rev 1 or 2. It only affects which side of the PCB it goes on.
    • Option meanings:
      • "Not included": Don't include any additional VSelect components (...obviously).
      • "Included": You only get the PCB, no components. Don't select this if you chose Rev 4 or newer as it doesn't do anything!
      • "Included, unassembled": You get the VSelect components but they will not be assembled. If selecting a revision prior to Rev 4 then this also includes the module PCB.
      • "Included, assembled": VSelect will be pre-assembled. If you chose Rev 4 or newer it will be on the main PCB, otherwise, an assembled module will be included.

Note: If this product is listed as out of stock do not order it.

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