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RTC + Clock Generator Combo Board
RTC + Clock Generator Combo Board  RTC + Clock Generator Combo Board  RTC + Clock Generator Combo Board  RTC + Clock Generator Combo Board 

RTC + Clock Generator Combo Board

  • Brand: StarshadeRETRO
  • Product Code: RTCCLKGEN
  • Reward Points: 14
  • Availability: 28
  • $13.99

Do you have a previous hardware version or an older revision of HW5 without RTC support but wish you could get it? The StarshadeRETRO RTC+CLKgen add-on module is what you need! This board can add an RTC to any OSCR hardware version or revision with the Adafruit-style Clock Generator. This board could also be used in other projects unrelated to the OSCR.


  • Add RTC to any OSCR with the clock generator header. Can be used for other projects as well.
  • Drop-in installation -- no soldering required!
  • Uses a CR16xx (the same used by HW5) battery, which is located on the back of the PCB. 
  • Gives advanced users options:
    • The on-board 3.3V 1000mA (1A) linear regulator can be utilized to provide 3.3V to the main PCB allowing for an easy "headless" (serial-only) HW5 build or the use of an LCD module without a 3.3V out option.
    • Optional support to hardwire VBUS (+5V USB) to the module. This allows the RTC to remain powered by VBUS and not drain the battery when leaving the OSCR plugged in but powered off.
  • Purple 4-layer PCB with ENIG (gold) finish.
  • Designed in the USA. Made in China.

Compatibility: Verified compatible with HW5 and HW3-ALTER (SaveTheHero) -- should work on any OSCR that has the ClockGen header and can physically fit it.

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