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[PRE-ORDER] SD2SP2 MicroSD Card Adapter compatible with GameCube

[PRE-ORDER] SD2SP2 MicroSD Card Adapter compatible with GameCube

  • Brand: StarshadeRETRO
  • Product Code: DOL-SD2SP2-1U
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $10.99

This adapter will allow you to use a MicroSD card with your DOL-001 GameCube. In order to use this, you need to be running Swiss, either using an exploit or a mod chip. Our modded GameCubes come with this! You do not need to buy it separately!

  • High-quality electro-less nickel immersion gold plated 4-layer PCB
    • Gold plating is roughly 25nm (1 microinch)
  • Genuine Molex gold plated MicroSD card slot (47309 Series)
  • TDK ceramic capacitor (C Series)
  • The schematic and dimensions are based on the original design by citrus3000psi. We redesigned this because the original connector is no longer manufactured. Our design also uses a 4-layer PCB with a large ground plane to make interference less likely.
  • Important Note: Our design puts the MicroSD slot on the opposite side of the PCB. You may notice in most pictures and videos the MicroSD card is on the side of the PCB facing inside, while on ours, it is on the side facing outside. This made routing easier for the slot we are using. It also let us put the capacitor closer to the slot, which is much more ideal.

We specify the parts we use because we only use high-quality parts. You should always assume that any company that doesn't tell you who made their components is using the cheapest thing they can get their hands on!

Pre-order! This will ship sometime in March or April 2023.


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