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[PRE-ORDER] 8-in-1 Open Source Cartridge Reader, Type-C, Fully Assembled

[PRE-ORDER] 8-in-1 Open Source Cartridge Reader, Type-C, Fully Assembled

  • Brand: StarshadeRETRO
  • Product Code: OSCR-HW5-SMT
  • Reward Points: 200
  • Availability: 96
  • $199.99

This is a pre-order! Orders are part of batch #3. The estimated ship date is sometime in early/mid-summer.
This early pricing is likely higher than the final pricing. Early orders should be considered partial donations to fund/support development. Expect a price drop, do not expect a partial refund!
This hardware revision is still under R&D, delays are more likely than usual. Do not order if you can't wait!

Note: Unlike previous batches, pre-orders are needed before this batch can be stocked as it is a much larger batch which was needed to get the cost down. That's why it's able to be listed at the same price as the previous revision despite having more features.
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Be able to read cartridges for over 8 systems with the Open Source Cartridge Reader!

  • Compatible with cartridges from:
    • NES
    • Famicom
    • SNES/Super Famicom
    • N64
    • Genesis/Megadrive
    • Master System
    • GB/GBC/GBA
    • Game Gear
  • Can dump ROMs and read/write saves for most cartridges from the above systems and more (i.e., WonderSwan) via third-party adapters.
  • The N64 controller port can test N64 controllers and read/write memory packs.
  • All optional add-ons are included!
  • Automatic voltage selection
    • Firmware selects the voltage, no need to manually select cartridge voltage or worry about having the wrong voltage setting.
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC)
    • Adds creation timestamps to the files on the SD card. This is helpful if you are dumping the same game many times.
  • Nichicon polymer main/bulk capacitor (PLS-series main cap).
  • Open-source hardware and software, powered by an Arduino Mega, updates via GitHub.
  • Ships with the latest firmware
  • A 32GB SD card preloaded with the required files is included. Brand varies but will be a reputable brand, such as SanDisk, Samsung, etc.
  • Every reader is hand-tested with at least 1 game from each supported console.
  • 1 year of coverage under the Best-Effort Service Policy.
  • The pictured games, USB adapter, and controller are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.
  • Requires USB power via a Type-C connector, which is not included. 500mA or higher is recommended. Can also be powered from most computers' USB ports using a USB Type-C cable.

Included in the box:

  • OSCR Hardware 5
    • Mainboard (Revision 6-SMT)
      • The clock signal generator is built into the mainboard.
    • Seven-Slot Adapter (Revision 5) (8th slot is on the main board)
      • The PIC12F629 is built into the adapter.
  • 32GB SD Card

Not included:

  • USB C cable
  • Power supply (500mA or higher)
  • Any games, controllers, etc.

Legal Disclaimers

  • StarshadeRETRO is not endorsed by Sanni (creator of the OSCR). This website is not under the control of Sanni. You should not contact Sanni with issues related to StarshadeRETRO.
  • SEGA, Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear are registered trademarks of SEGA GAMES CO., LTD.
  • NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and N64 are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.
  • StarshadeRETRO is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by SEGA or Nintendo. The use of their marks is to demonstrate compatibility and is not meant as an endorsement.

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